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how we work with our clients

the scoping phase

Working with us is very simple.

After an initial interview and a subsequent, careful examination of your needs, we will begin work on the complimentary first draft of your project, and the formulation of a modular estimate composed of various list items that may be approved individually or adopted in their entirety. Once the project timelines have been established, we will proceed to the second phase.

the project begins

After receiving a deposit, equal to 40% of the approved estimate, we will begin the graphic rendering of the project, consistently mindful of the customers’ wishes/directives regarding the content, the message and the intended impact. The final suppliers will also be defined together with the customer, including but not limited to paper-working and typography. 
During the graphic design phase, there will be various customer check-ins at which possible modifications can be requested until the beginning

of the third phase.

the final product

The third and final phase:

the final layout has been completed

and approved by the client.

Subject to the issuance and payment

of the outstanding invoice balance, equal to 60% of the approved quotation, the executive files for letterpress and / or digital printing will be delivered within

the specified time frames.


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